Helping badass women make money with their brands and websites is my favorite past time. When I'm not serving my clients you can catch me in the pool sipping a White Russian in this dreadful Arizona heat or hiking in the mountains in the beautiful 40°F winters!

I've been designing and creating for as long as I can remember.

I'm Meg Vick

the designer behind it all

Here at Meg an' Mango studio I pride myself on the ability to make everything easy for my clients. My process is fine-tuned to give you the best experience possible with strategy workshops, brand documents & tailored project management to keep you in the loop without taking you away from your work. And to top it off, every project includes launch & tech support to ensure your future success.

(besides the infusion of strategy & design)

What makes Meg an' Mango Studio special?

Cancer sun, Gemini Moon, Virgo rising, which explains why i'm empathetic & organized

i'm an introvert that loves people

I'm an avid video gamer

cooking with my partner is my fav

i'm an artist & printmaker on the side

Get to know meg

studio values

& we love working with businesses who share these values.

Black Lives Matter;
Supporting the LGBTQA+ Community;
Indigenous people's fight for equality;
Women have the right to bodily autonomy;

No human being is illegal;
Everyone deserves equal rights & opportunities;
Discrimination of any form to any group of people/persons is not welcome here.

Meg an' Mango Studio is an inclusive design studio with the desire to make change & work with people who value social justice. When we work with others, we want to ensure they feel seen, heard, and understood, all the while feeling comfortable to be themselves.

we believe in people

meg an' mango studio values

build my brand

Leveraging your personality to create an authentic brand that connects with your audience is my biggest strength & I love helping coaches build their personal brand this way. If you're looking for a unique brand with a unique approach then I'm the designer for you.


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